Ayurvedic sleeping directions for a healthy body! Do you know your sleeping direction is important while sleeping? Read more to know about it!

There are many ways to keep our bodies healthy and people do use them. Some of them are very expensive however, some of them are cheap. Some of them give relief instantly and some do take time. But, when it comes to Ayurveda, we do have easy and effective ways. And one of them is sleep. Yes! Sleep is one of the best ways to stay healthy without any effort. According to Ayurveda, sleep is very helpful to keep our bodies active and physically strong. There are several benefits of sleeping. Which you are going to learn in this article. And do you know there are many Ayurvedic sleeping directions for a healthy body!

Yes, there are several Ayurvedic sleeping directions for a healthy body!

Let’s start with some of the problems people do face while sleeping. There are many people that disturb people while sleeping. Such as an exhausted mind, improper sleep, and sleeping feeling in a day. When you do face these kinds of problems, you do need some treatments.

Before finding the solutions, let’s learn what is sleeping disorder?

A sleeping disorder is a kind of situation where you get your sleep disturbed. This situation may affect your ability to sleep. People often feel sleeping problem in their life. Do you know which kind of problems cause sleeping disorders


Here they are,

  1. Stree
  2. Anxiety
  3. Panic Attack
  4. improper daily routine
  5. Sickness
  6. Traveling
  7. Late-night binge watching

However, you can overcome these problems easily if it happens very often. But, if it is happening daily, then you might be having a sleeping disorder. And to cure this, you must go for proper treatment and proper sleep.

When suffering from a sleeping disorder, you might be feeling sleepy in the daytime. You might be feeling frustrated at day time. But, do you know that this may result in some serious problems to your mental and physical health. This may affect various factors. Such as your mood, physical ability, creativity, and your daily routine. However, if you want to get back to your normal routine and want to feel happy again, start taking enough sleep.

But how can you define if you have a sleeping disorder?

Well, don’t worry, we have a list of symptoms that will help you to define them!

  1. More consumption of caffein
  2. You get emotional quickly
  3. Slow reaction to anything
  4. Feeling sleepy and tired while reading or sitting
  5. Less concentration
  6. Getting irritated

Do you know that there are various types of sleeping disorders?

If not, then here we have a list!

  1. Narcolepsy
  2. Restless legs syndrome
  3. Insomnia
  4. Sleep Apnea

But, don’t worry if you do have sleeping disorder. Because we have brought Ayurvedic tips to get better sleep!

Let’s learn what is that!

Ayurvedic sleeping directions for a healthy body

Ayurveda says that the direction in which you do sleep matters the most. Sleeping directions plays an important role to be healthy. It also helps to cure sleeping disorder.

Sleep and sleeping directions are very important for our health. It makes us active and good people. It also enables our subconcious mind to work effectively on our daily routine and body. Do you know that there are three Ayurvedic backbones for our healthy life?

If not then here they are,

  1. Energy Management
  2. Diet
  3. Sleep

Yes, sleep is one of the backbones of our healthy life.

It is also important to have ayurvedic sleeping directions for a healthy body

Let’s learn which are ayurvedic sleeping directions for a healthy life!

  1. North
  2. East
  3. South
  4. West

Now, let’s learn in dept about all of them.


There is a well-known quote, “Only dead people sleep pointing North.” This was quoted by the greatest Vansant Lad. It is Hindu tradition to position a body such that the deceased’s head points north until cremation. According to Hindu religion, the soul departs from the body towards the North. Because of this, northward sleeping is regarded to be beneficial just for lucid dreaming and astral travel. otherwise, due to the earth’s magnetic, sleeping with the head toward the north is not recommended.

Everybody knows that the earth has a magnetic pole. And it extends from North to South. Here, the positive pole is on North and the negative pole is on South. And do you know that we humans are also a magnetic and we do have magnetic poles? Yes! we do have! It begins as positive pole at our head and negative pole at our feet. So, here is how the science and Ayurveda works. When you sleep with your head in the North direction you attract problems. When you keep your head in North, your repeal with the earth’s North. And obviously, due to earth’s larger North, your North will lose. because it is greater. And you will feel sleeping disorders and feel exhausted in the morning.

This magnetic phenomena is hypothesised to alter blood circulation. Resulting in tension, disease, and mental disorder. According to Vastu shastra, sleeping with your head to the north can cause sadness, irritation, irritability, emotional instability, weakened willpower, and/or physical illnesses.

“Sleeping with your head to the north takes energy out of the body, disrupting body-mind-spirit connection,” explains Ayurvedic physician Robert E. Svoboda. What is the moral of the storey? Don’t go to sleep in the north.


For any and all you youngsters out there, sleeping east is the best option. Sleeping having your head towards east is beneficial to your academic endeavours. It improves memory, attention, and sleep quality by encouraging contemplative slumber. Scholars, instructors, and those seeking new job prospects or promotions might consider East. It is claimed that the caliber of this sleep makes a person feel powerful and invigorated. Furthermore, this is the ideal position for people wishing to conquer any health-related challenges.


South is considered to be the idea direction to sleep. This is somehting similar to the North direction. And you must be wondering why this is ideal? And why it is similar to North? Let’s go to the North direction. In North, when you keep your head in the North directiin, earth’s North and our body’s North repeal each other. Thus, it bring negativity, exhausted mood, stress and tiredness in our body.

However, while sleeping in the South direction the Ayurveda and science work in the opposite way. When you keep your head in the South while sleeping, you see you will have your head (North pole of our body) having its direction towards earth’s South. Which creates an attraction. By keeping your head in the South you will feel and recieve energy from universe and earth. Hence, as per Ayurveda, you will bring health, prosperity, happiness and creativity in your body. That why South direction is the ideal direction to sleep.


It’s a mixed bag when it comes to sleeping west. Many people believe that falling asleep west is great for individuals who are driven by achievement and want to achieve fame, fortune, and a prestigious reputation. Go west if you want to conquer the world and also have 1.4 million Instagram followers. Other sources claim that sleeping in the west is a balanced posture, while others claim that sleeping in the west is not optimal and encourages active and disturbing dreams. Those committed to the philosophy of vastu shastra are said to have their guest chambers set up with a bed facing west on purpose. As a consequence, their company does not get a good night’s sleep, and they are less likely to overstay their welcomes if they do not get enough rest.


This article is written by Ayurveda for an educational purpose only. Please DO NOT SELF CARE without consulting a doctor. We will not be responsible for any kind of misinterpretation you do face with the content on this page.

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